Notes for Moderators/Administrator

How to Create a Page – no comments possible
Create Content>Page>
Add title….>create page>save>
You can preview before saving if you wish – as long as you SAVE the page before leaving it.

HTML formatting will be done by Administrator where necessary

If this is a new page to be included in the menu – complete “menu setting” and add title

If this is a page to be added to an existing menu item, when saving, note node no shown in bottom left hand corner. Return to menu page and add link < >

I believe only administrator is able to add pages to menu items so please write at top of page ADD TO MENU (page title>

How to create a New Forum

If you need to create a brand new forum topic, go to Administer>Forums>Add Container>Enter Title and brief description>SAVE

To add sub-sections to this or other items, go to Administer>Forums>Add Forum>Enter Title and brief description>Select Parent from drop down list to link to main topic>SAVE.