Hints and Tips General

General Notes

Don’t forget to save. Whatever you are trying to do on the website – DON’T FORGET TO SAVE YOUR ENTRY BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE PAGE.

I recommend that you draft your item as a Word document first and then copy and paste it into the forum text box. This way you will still have a copy if you forget to save.

And please don't forget to LOG OUT of the site before closing!!

Currently anybody can read the site but only authenticated users can create content in the Discussion Forums.

If you have difficulty entering your item onto a forum, then email the item to Webmaster (Norma) and she will enter it on your behalf.

When referring to other members please use only their initials or their first name.

Webmaster retains the right to refuse or edit material as required.

How to Create a Completely New Discussion Forum

This is the responsibility of the Administrator or Moderators

How to Add to an Existing Discussion Forum

Log in>Create Content>Forum>Create Forum Topic>enter subject>select Forum from drop down list in Forums box> Enter your text>Save