5 September 2009

Meeting held on 5th September 2009 at Stoke Albany Village Hall

  • Present: P A (Chair), L M(Treasurer), R W (ASWD Secretary), AW, R M, HW, J J (Publicity), NA (Secretary), CW.
  • Pam welcomed all members and our visitors for the day Sally, Lisa, Julia, Eleanor .

    1. Website: NA was very pleased to report that she had made contact with Bruce and now had access to more of the website. She had managed to load some info onto the Forums and Blogs but as yet hadn’t managed to create new pages. The programme with the log-in was probably due to spam filters and needed to be reconfigured. NA would create an account for each member and advise passwords. JJ had concerns that until the forums section could be restricted to members, names should not be shown in the minutes and suggested using initials only. This was agreed.
    2. Aprons: RW had bought a bolt of linen/cotton fabric, tape and D rings – enough to make a further 16 aprons. PA had obtained a quote for making up only of £14 each which members felt was too expensive by the time this was added to the fabric costs and logo. It was agreed that RW would be paid for all the fabric costs and would make up batches of 2/3 aprons as required.
    3. Fund Application: JJ had checked out the website and felt we should be able to apply for funding for a project to establish a long draw spinner in every Guild, purchase a great wheel and host a series of events to promote the tradition of long draw spinning. A full list of items that could be funded is shown in the minute book.

  • Application would need to be project based so “Road Show with Great Wheel” was chosen. We agreed to undertake at least five visits (eg Woolfest, Wonderwool, Fibrefest) and the application should cover a period of three years.
  • It was agreed to delegate the project to a sub-committee comprising JJ, HW and PA who will lead the project and liaise with members at Guild meetings.
    4. Visit to Welford Carnival: CW, RW and NA had a very pleasant afternoon on August Bank Holiday. There was a lot of interest shown though no positive benefit for the Guild in terms of membership.
    5. Programme: AW reported that she had made progress with the preparation of the 2010 diary card. She needed more topics and speakers. VB to be approached to cover dressing a distaff and drop spindling. April meeting would be a week later because of Easter (10th not 3rd).
  • JJ mentioned the Softbench Project which is an art installation by Trevor Pitts and wondered whether the Guild could have a spin-in day to spin some Hebridean fleece for this project. It was agreed to do this in October 2009 and move Drum Carding to November 2009. Acknowledgement would be made to the Guild. Further details to be circulated to members.
    CW mentioned that Kettering Embroiderer’s Guild would be holding their Regional Day on the 2nd Saturday in May and would be inviting other crafts to be represented. She had passed on contact details.
    RW advised that Knutsford Hall (?) near Wellingborough offered day and weekend courses and perhaps we should approach them to hold a long draw day.
    6. Christmas Project: LM had discovered “fiddlemuffs” suitable for Alzheimer’s sufferers and wondered whether Guild members would be able to make something similar. These could be knitted or sewn but the important thing was that they had tags and bits that were firmly fixed. PA wished to support this idea and suggested these could be donated to the Care Home where LM’s mother lived.
    7. Next Meeting: 3rd October 2009, Stoke Albany Village Hall, 10am-4.pm. Coffee and tea provided. Please bring a plate for Shared Lunch.