2008 AGM Minutes

The 2008 AGM was held at The Lakeland Wool Centre, Cockermouth, Cumbria on 29th June 2008 at 1.00pm

  • Present:PA (Chair), LM (Treasurer), RW(Secretary), NA, VB, JB, VF, SF, JJ, RL(visitor), PM.
  • Apologies:JV, RM, CR, AW
  • 1. Welcome: PA in the Chair, welcomed everyone to the meeting and invited them to introduce themselves and give a brief description of their spinning background. Those present attended from Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Cumbria and Scotland.
  • 2. Annual Report: All members present had received their copy of the Annual Report. This was taken as read and accepted.
  • 3. Financial Report: Members had received financial report and agreed to accept the accounts as shown. Income for year was £1005.00 and expenditure was £630.57. This left a balance of £374.43. Some expenses were still to be paid but it was felt that there were sufficient funds to cover the cost of the AGM lunch for members.
  • 4. Election of Officers:
  • Chairman – PA : Proposed by LM, Seconded by VB
  • Secretary – RW: Proposed by LM, Seconded by SF
  • Treasurer – LM : Proposed by JJ, Seconded by RW
  • Website Moderator – JJ : Proposed by NA, Seconded by LM
  • Publicity Officer – NA : Proposed by VF, seconded by RW
  • A discussion followed about the website. JJ wondered whether we should consider introducing a Long Draw Spinning group on the rapidly growing and very popular www.ravelry.com website. She would be very happy to set this up and create a link to the longdrawspinners.org website. It was agreed that since we were not a geographic group, we should take all opportunities to promote The Guild and JJ should go ahead. She would liaise with RW regarding incoming news from the ASWD and also with NA on forthcoming Guild events and update both websites. JB advised that she had some website experience and offered to help. It was agreed that we should appoint:
  • Website Administrator - JB
  • 5. Any Other Business
  • 1. We are affiliated to the Guild of Spinners, Weavers & Dyers and RW believed we should receive a copy of the Guild Magazine. This had not materialised and RW agreed to follow this up.
    (It was subsequently discovered that free copies are only issued to advertisers and not to affiliated Guilds)
  • 2. JB felt that we should include a video on “how to long draw spin” on our website and offered to take on the project.
  • 3. A “learning weekend” was planned for the first weekend on October. This would be held in Stoke Albany. Programme to be announced. Other learning weekends would be organised throughout the year in other locations.
  • 4. Consideration was given to whether we needed a membership secretary. Currently, LM our Treasurer maintained the Membership List and it was agreed this would continue. It was suggested that names of new members and their email or geographic address should be sent out to all members so that they can update their address books and include new members in communications. A welcoming letter should be sent as an acknowledgement of membership.
  • 6. Date of Next Meeting
  • It was agreed that holding the AGM at Woolfest had been a success but it was felt that it might be better to change the time to avoid leaving the stand unmanned. Thanks were expressed to DB for holding the fort on this occasion.
  • The suggested time for next year was Friday, 29 June 2009 at 5.30pm. Venue to be advised.
  • The meeting closed at 1.45p.m. and was followed by a short talk by Val Bryant, one of our members, on her lifetimes’ involvement with spinning. Val had previously worked as Textile Coordinator at Quarry Bank Mill and had more recently been awarded a Passold Research grant to record and research the spinning wheels held in National Trust properties. Val’s husband David shares her love of wheels and constructed the Great Wheel which formed part of our demonstration at Woolfest. He looks into the method of construction of the wheels and between them they have produced a marvellous document which it is hoped will be published in the future.
  • Val also described her fascinating work with the Royal Collection Trust describing visits to Frogmore and Osborne House. They are now working on the wheels made by James McCreerie of Belfast and are looking forward to visiting the Ulster Museum to look at their 80 wheels! Val thoroughly recommended a visit to the 40 wheels contained in the Manx Museum and asked if anyone found an old or named wheel to please let them know of its’ existence. Pam asked Val which particular names we should look out for and they are: Joseph Doughty, James McCreerie (Val’s favourite), John Planta and Robert Webster.
  • Thanks were expressed to Val for the wonderful insight into this important part of our social history.