2009 AGM Minutes

The 2009 AGM was held at The Hundith House Hotel, Cockermouth, Cumbria on Friday 26th June 2008 at 6.00pm

  • Present:NA, PA, VandDB, JJ, LM, JV and RW
  • Apologies:SF, RM, CR, SS, HW, AW
  • 1. Welcome: PA in the Chair, welcomed everyone to the meeting .
  • 2. Minutes of previous AGM had been circulated previously. These were accepted as read.
  • 3. Annual Report: This was circulated to all members present and a brief discussion took place. Acceptance was proposed by LM and seconded by VB. DB agreed that the lunches were first class and thought that the Guild was progressing very well.
  • 4. Financial Report: Copies of the financial report were circulated. Income for year was £683.00 and expenditure was £639.14. This left a balance of £418.29. Some expenses were still to be paid but sufficient funds were available. Proposal to accept the Balance Sheet was made by JJ and seconded by JV.
  • 5. Election of Officers:
  • Chairman – PA : Proposed by RW, Seconded by DB
    It was suggested and accepted that the Chairman should serve for a maximum period of three years.
  • Secretary – NA: Proposed by LM, Seconded by JV
  • ASWD Secretary – RW: Proposed by NA, Seconded by LM
  • Treasurer – LM : Proposed by RW, Seconded by JJ
  • Ravelry Moderator/Publicity – JJ : Proposed by NA, Seconded by LM
  • 6. Any Other Business
  • 1) Discussion returned to the Annual Report and all members were asked to consider the way forward. We need to differentiate between local and national and decide which direction we want to go. PA expressed a desire to have a Guild member in every Guild in the country who would spread the word within their own group.
  • 2) We need to find more ways to promote the Guild and establish reasons why people would want to join us.
    (li)3) Some priority should be given to getting the website up and running. Little progress had been made since the last AGM. This should form our main contact point for outlying members and without this it was felt we had less to offer those members who were unable to attend meetings at Stoke Albany. NA agreed to have another attempt at building the website.
  • 4) The membership year was confirmed as running from 1 January to 31 December. All members who were not currently paying by Bankers Order would be sent a reminder at the beginning of the year. Members joining between 1 October and 31 December in any year would pay subs effective 1 January the following year.
  • 7. Programme for 2010
  • VB showed us a copy of the programme from her local Guild which was prepared in advance by their Programme Secretary and issued when subscription for the year was paid. This took the form of a small card folder containing a list of dates and subjects for meetings throughout the year. It was felt that we currently did not have such a programme although we do maintain a diary. Topics for next year were requested. Some suggestions were: drop spindling; dressing a distaff; felting day; dyeing day; foraging day for natural dyestuffs.
  • PA felt that our most successful day last year was the Celebration of Spinning and would like to repeat this in October 2009 subject to VandD’s availability. We also have the teach-in day at the Derby Guild in July. Once we knew the outcome of this day we would be in a better position to decide on next year’s programme.
  • 8. Date of Next Meeting

    It was felt that since some members who regularly attend meetings at Stoke Albany were unable to attend the AGM we should seek their ratification before decisions were acted upon. Their input on date and venue of next AGM should also be sought.