3 November 2007

Minutes of the meeting held on Saturday 3rd November 2007 at Stoke Albany Village Hall

  • Present: PA, JJ, JV, AW, RM, RW.
  • 1. There was a talking table and demonstration of core spinning.
  • 2. Woolfest Friday and Saturday 27th -28th June 2008: PA will investigate booking a stand with other members who may be interested. The preferred location is against the void square in the midst of the exhibition space, facing the main stalls. It was agreed that we would volunteer to give tuition and demonstrations, possibly timetabled in the Woolfest programme. The central void was a good space for private lessons and storing equipment. It would be good to have a Great Wheel on the stand and two members have these, one for demonstration and one for sales.
  • 3. The venue for the GOLDs AGM at Woolfest was discussed but bookings are not open at present.
  • 4. The website is still not working despite all efforts. AW volunteered the expertise of her husband AlW to look at it and find what was wrong. He should contact NA and PA over this. NA and Carole were put in touch with each other to try to resolve the problem.
  • 5. Facebook networking: JJ reported that she had set this up. Each member should register a facebook entry and then apply to join the Longdraw spinners group to exchange ideas and news. JJ already has an entry. See www.facebook.com
  • 6. It was suggested by CR (prior to the meeting) that we consider a Tuition weekend in January 2008 when we would have had our AGM which will take place at Woolfest from now on. This would give more distant members the option to attend. Local members offered taxi pick-ups from railway or bus stations, overnight accommodation and tuition. Following this if any member who would be interested in organising a similar event somewhere else in the country then please let RW (Hon Sec) know. It was felt that apart from Leicestershire and Cumbrian locations something more accessible to more distant members would be helpful. If the event were to coincide with the January or February meetings it would be before people would be getting involved in gardening and other outdoor activities. The event could also include a trip to Uppingham Yarns and give members the opportunity to have the guild logo embroidered on clothing or bags at Speedy Sew in Market Harborough. The GOLDS logo is based on the picture of a woman spinning on a great wheel from the Luttrell Psalter 1330 – the earliest know illustration of a long draw spinning. The logo in mauve, brown and terracotta has been computerised for embroidering onto garments. Aprons, tote bags etc. at Speedy-Sew, 9 Manor Walk, Market Harborough Tel 01858 465775 it costs from £4 for a 10cm (4 inch) logo to £6 for an 18cm (7 inch) logo. Rosalind volunteered to deliver and collect items for members.
  • 7. Harrogate Textile festival: JJ volunteered to find out more about this.
  • 8. Date of Next meeting: Saturday 1st December, Stoke Albany village hall. Hall is open from 10.am for 11.ooam start. Group will try making a Christmas decoration with needle felting and share a seasonal lunch.