4 October 2008

Minutes of meeting held at Stoke Albany Village Hall
on Saturday 4 October 2008

  • Present:LM(Treasurer – Chair for meeting); RW(Secretary); JJ; AW; RM; JB; HW; EH
  • Apologies:PA; NA; SF
  • Minutes of the last meeting had been circulated via email/post by NA. AW reported she has not received these so LM to check with NA re email address.
  • Matters arising:
  • Membership Cards – as per minutes of previous meeting.
  • Finances – treasurer reported these as satisfactory
  • Event – our next event is the ‘Celebration of Spinning’ on Saturday 1 November. Information as per last minutes. RW has re-drafted the poster into Word format for those who found the original difficult to open/print. LM to send this to all for putting up wherever possible. PA to send press release to local press.
  • Visit to Framlingham/dyeing workshop. It may be that SS no longer hosts these events so this to be investigated.
    Another option may be the Yarn Gallery near Bury St Edmunds which
    does dyeing workshops – JB will investigate. However, in the light of the fabulous examples of dyeing JB brought to the meeting, members agreed that a ‘home’ workshop with her would be equally welcome,
  • WebsiteThose members ‘in the know’ report that the website is ‘clunky’ and slow and wanted to know what we pay for hosting and also what are we willing to pay? As PA was not present we were unable to resolve this. JJ/JB/HW have agreed to take a hard look at the site and to make
    suggestions for amendments to ensure that it serves its purpose and is more user friendly for those members who are not as web-savvy as others!
  • Any other business:
  • RW had prepared a feature for the Leicestershire Life magazine which will appear in November issue (in advance of our ‘History’ day). She had also arranged for a photographer from the publication to attend to take pictures to illustrate the feature.
  • We are all looking forward to seeing the feature once it’s published.
  • 2008 diary dates:
  • Saturday 1 November – Celebration of Spinning. Faith lunch as normal please.
  • Saturday 6 December – Christmas ideas/sale of work. Faith lunch.