3rd December 2008

Meeting held on 3rd December 2008 at Stoke Albany Village Hall

  • Present:NA (Publicity), PA (Chair), LK, LM(Treasurer), HW, RMW (Secretary), AW
  • Apologies:JB, SF, JJ, RM, CR
  • Notes on last meeting were accepted.
  • PA opened the meeting by saying “Well Done” to everyone for their efforts in making the last meeting such a success. We also welcomed LK from Rushden who had attended that meeting and been “astounded” by the content of the meeting and felt she wanted to join us as a result.
  • RMW reported that as another result of last month’s meeting, we had been contacted by the Derbyshire Guild with a view to us giving a demonstration of long draw spinning and this would take place on 11 July. It was agreed that we would charge travelling costs only at £0.40/mile which would be £40/car. Final cost would depend on how many demonstrators they required to attend.
  • NA reported that she had recently checked the ASWD website and discovered that we could have logged our Celebration of Spinning event there. This should be born in mind for our next event. She also reported that she did not find the Guild listed amongst the member guilds. LM agreed to follow this up.
  • Topics for next year’s programme were discussed. A provisional programme is now available (attached).
    Woolfest next year is taking a slightly different format. We have expressed our interest to attend but as yet we are not sure whether we are taking a stand or whether we are conducting workshops. PA is to follow this up with the organisers. Pam will also check out same hotel as last year and make reservations.
  • Meeting closed and was followed by a very Christmassy surprise roast lunch courtesy of PA and LM. We all staggered from the table having started the day with coffee and Christmas biscuits and Heather’s Canadian butter tarts. Together with the salads and desserts, we felt truly replete and ready for an afternoon’s spin and natter.
  • Next meeting:Saturday 3 January 2009 – possible topic ‘Dyeing’. Shared lunch.