7th February 2009

Meeting held on 7th February 2009 at Albany Lodge, Stoke Albany

  • Present:PA (Chair), LM(Treasurer), RMW (Secretary), AW, RM, HW, JR (guest)
  • Apologies: EH, SF, CR, V&DB, SS, JV
  • The meeting took place at Albany Lodge because of the cold weather, which unavoidably reduced numbers. It will go down in history as the Hw Meeting - she managed to get from Bedford despite the snow and kept us all entertained all day.
    HW gave Powerpoint presentation about her work and the Nude Ewe project she and a colleague have initiated. Samples of Nude Ewe products: unique patterns and wool kits for dolls, hats etc. and beautiful organic yarns from rare breed sheep were handed round. The presentation was really interesting and some of the products were simply ’must have’. So, we asked her to do the presentation again at the March meeting and bring along products for sale as it was all just too good to miss. The March presentation will include new additions to The Nude Ewe project and range of products…
  • As we had access to the internet HW took the opportunity to demonstrate the Ravelry site. We were all absolutely fascinated. It is just amazing. Thank you JJ for getting the Guild group set up and moderating the Guild bit of it. We all agreed that we have to join asap. While online, HW printed off patterns for a Fish Hat that she had been telling us about. So we all had something to take home to use up odd bits of yarn while the snow continued to fall.
  • HW also reported that there is an opportunity for the Guild to attend an exhibition in Coventry on Saturday 6th June (a Guild Day). This first-time event is being spearheaded by Ravelry and sponsored by a knitting publication. It was agreed that we should attend and offer to do Learn to spin, Long draw and maybe Left handed spinners workshops etc. This also offers an ideal opportunity for those who cannot attend Woolfest to visit an exhibition and no doubt get inspired as everyone does. Hopefully we will be able share transport to save on costs.
  • The cost of the hire of the Village Hall has increased to £6.00 per hour - it is currently £5.00 hour. It was thought that this would not significantly affect funds.
  • Founder members were reminded that subscriptions for 2009 (£10) were due - but not overdue.
  • Next Meeting: 7th March 2009, Stoke Albany Village Hall, 11am-4.pm, doors open at 10.am. Coffee and tea provided. Shared Lunch.