1st August 2009

Meeting held on 1st August 2009 at Stoke Albany Village Hall
Present: PA (Chair), LMTreasurer), RMW(ASWD Secretary), AW, RM, HW, JJ (Publicity), NA(Secretary), SF, JE (visitor).
Apologies: EH, CR, V&DB, SS, JV

PA welcomed all members and our visitor for the day, JE who is a member of the Longdraw Group on Ravelry.

We were delighted to hear that GC our new member in Scotland had obtained a great wheel on condition that she demonstrated it at the Highland Guild.

1. AGM Minutes: Ratification was sought for the AGM minutes from those members who regularly attended our monthly meetings but were unable to attend the AGM. The minutes were accepted as read. (Following the meeting NA noted the omission of RMW as ASWD Secretary on the list of officers. Apologies for this omission. Minutes have been amended.)

2. Matters arising from AGM Minutes:

a. Consideration was given to whether the AGM should continue to be held during Woolfest or return to Stoke Albany. It was agreed that it should remain at Woolfest. Details of time and place to be announced nearer the time.

b. Attention was drawn to the Membership Year running from January to December.

c. A volunteer was requested for the position of Programme Secretary to organise topics for next year’s meetings and produce a programme card. AW kindly agreed to take on this duty.

d. Topics for remaining of this year were agreed as:
5 September – Dyeing using natural dyestuffs – RMW – please bring white undyed wool.
3 October – Drum Carding – JJ
7 November – Open Day
5 December – Christmas party
2 January – to be decided
3. Derby Guild Workshop: PA, RMW and NA travelled to Derby on 11 July to spend the day with the Derby Guild demonstrating long draw. The day was considered a great success. We took the opportunity to gauge feedback and a summary is attached. RMW read a very complimentary letter she had received from one of the members following the meeting. Comments made were all very constructive and would help us to make improvements on future occasions.
4. Other visits: Contact should now be made with the Coventry and Leicester Guilds who had requested demos at Woolfest. These should not be undertaken on same day as our normal Guild meetings.
NA and RMW agreed to attend Welford Carnival with CW. NA to make contact with organiser to sort details.
It was decided that one of the criteria for attendance at events when representing the Guild was that all spinning demonstrated must be “long draw”.
5. Health and Welfare: PA reported that both SS and EN-B were about to spend time in hospital and we send both of them our best wishes for a speedy recovery. She was also pleased to see JJ looking so well after her recent hospital visit.
6. Aprons: RMW had made another batch of aprons which were available for sale to members at £12.50. JJ mentioned that she had attended a living history day at Kelmarsh Hall and she thought that the linen fabric being produced there was for sale. She agreed to find out details.
7. Possible Purchase of Great Wheel: One disappointment at the Derby visit was that we were unable to take a Great Wheel for demonstration. HW suggested that it was possible that we could apply for Heritage Lottery Funding since our main aim is to promote a heritage craft. This funding could be used to obtain a great wheel and cover website and publications. HW and JJ agreed to put together a bid for funding.
Next Meeting: 5th September 2009, Stoke Albany Village Hall, 10am-4.pm. Coffee and tea provided. Please bring a plate for Shared Lunch.