2013 AGM Minutes

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held at Stoke Albany Village Hall on 7th September 2013

Present: Ann, Barbara, Colin, Christine, Denise, Eileen, Heather, Jane W, Jane A, Joanne, Julia, Janet, Katrina, Lizzy, Margaret, Maggie, Norma, Pam

Apologies: Linda, Alison

Janet welcomed everybody to the meeting and asked if everybody had received the circulated documents. The Minutes of the 2012 meeting were taken as read. There were no matters arising.

Acceptance of Minutes: Proposed by Sally, Seconded by Katrina

Report from the Chair
Janet’s report had been circulated and she reminded those present that this was her final report. It had been a great pleasure to be Chair and she was very proud to have achieved the purchase of the Great Wheel during her period in office with all the fundraising that that had entailed. Sincere thanks were due to all those who had helped including members, Jan at Fibre East, and our friends on ravelry.

Apologies were due for poor communication with members at the beginning of the year but this was back on track by March.

We had had a very good programme of events during the year including our trip to Spitalfields and our lovely visit to Eve’s. Catherine had her first outing at the Hatfield Living Crafts Fair and had been visiting the Boxmoor Trust where Joanne had used her at the Young Farmers Open Day and various other group meetings. Our main demo of the year had been at Fibre East.

Financial Report
The Balance Sheet had been circulated to all members and further breakdown reports and reconciliations had been sent to committee members. These were also ava ilable to members upon request.

Opening Balance for Year £2062.57
Total Income for the Year £1491.69
Total Expenditure for the Year £2690.48
Closing Balance for Year £940.99
Reconciled Balance for Year £863.78
Difference £77.21

The difference represented a surplus of cash in hand over the accounts and it was proposed that we accept the closing balance of £940.99.

Expenditure this year had been high because of the purchase of the Great Wheel and some blending boards but these would remain as assets for future use.

The Merchandising Account currently had stock in hand at a sales value of £95 (incorrectly shown on circulated document at £105) for Aprons and £105 for Bags. Sales for the year had been £147.50 for Aprons and £45 for Bags.

Janet pointed out that the Affiliation fee to AWSD was due in October. This would be approximately £150.

Adoption of accounts: Proposed by Jane W to accept the closing balance at £940.99, Seconded by Heather.

Sally thanked Norma for her work in producing and presenting the accounts.

Confirmation of Officers
President - Elizabeth Palmer
Chair - Katrina – Proposed by Janet, Seconded by Heather
Treasurer - Sally remains in post – Proposed by Janet, Seconded by Katrina
Secretary - Janet agreed to take over in order to support Katrina and maintain continuity
AWSD Secretary It was agreed to ask Kevin if he would consider this role
Website - Norma agreed to remain in post to continue to maintain existing website and to look into obtaining new domain name and new format website. Janet suggested the Fundraising account (currently £340) should be used to cover these expenses.
Publicity - It was agreed that this could be done on an individual event basis. Barbara volunteered to help with this but as a non-committee position
Programme Secretary - Ann agreed to continue in post
Membership Secretary - Katrina had taken on this role earlier this year and was happy to continue – Proposed by Janet, Seconded by Colin
Newsletter Editor - Colin agreed to carry out this role as a non-committee position – Proposed by Janet, Seconded by Heather.
Joanne agreed to join the committee in a general role.

Janet suggested that if members felt unable to take on a committee position, there were many opportunities to help out in smaller ways. Dora had volunteered to produce a Guild recipe book and Katrina suggested that it would help if members could bring the recipe as well as the item for our shared lunches. Eileen had taken charge of the tea/coffee box which was an important part of every meeting.

Norma suggested that now we had equipment as assets, we should consider adding “Disposal of Assets” as an item to add to the Protocols in the event that the Guild ceased to exist. Several ideas were discussed. Jane W suggested that the AWSD or the Charity Commission may have guidelines. Pam suggested that since the Guild was not in imminent danger of closing this matter should be investigated and discussed at a later date. This was agreed.

Celebration of Spinning 2013
Our November meeting always celebrated St. Catherine’s Day, the Patron Saint of Spinners. This year it had been proposed that we should have as wide a range of wheels available as possible. It was also suggested that we should ask people to bring their Great Wheels.
Christine referred to the Radio Northampton, Saturday morning Treasure Hunt and suggested we should approach them to include us on their route.

2014 Programme
Our current programme runs from January to December. Ann suggested we ran the programme from AGM to AGM. Some suggestions for next year so far included:
Inspiration Days
Drum Carding / Blending Boards
Silk Dyeing
Q & A on Sock Knitting
Visit to Alpaca Spinner
Great Day Out
Computing for Spinners
Celebration of Spinning (November)
Fleece Sale (August)
Guild Challenge

External Events
Janet reminded members that part of our mission was to promote long draw spinning. In the past we have visited Woolfest where members paid their own expenses (approx £100 in fuel per car, £150 - £250 hotel costs and meals for 3 days). It was felt that members should no longer be expected to fund these trips themselves. Consideration should be given to reimbursing members in some way if they are willing to give their time to outside events. We would continue to attend Fibre East and West Lodge Farm Park. The Boxmoor Trust was holding its Wood, Wool and Food Festival on 19 October.
We should investigate Open Farm Sundays and Sheep Days locally.

It was suggested that we should purchase more banners to accompany the Great Wheel when it was out and about.

Norma mentioned the Spin in Public Day on 21 September and said she hoped to attend the Lavenham Guild of Spinners and Weavers which was taking place in several of the medieval buildings in the wool town of Lavenham, Suffolk.

Christine suggested we could take part in the Market Harborough Open Studios perhaps next year.

Pam mentioned a course at Knuston Hall on 30 November being given by artist Richard Box called “Conjuring with Colour” aimed at increasing people’s ability to use colour.

Christine advised that GOLDS had been invited by Be Inspired in Kettering to give spinning demo in a workshop. If we agreed, our details would be included in their regular mailshots. Details were given to Ann.

Any Other Business
The Stoke Albany Village Hall Committee Treasurer had asked Sally to confirm the hours we used the Hall. We were currently book in from 10.00 – 4.00. It was felt that 10.30 – 4.30 was more appropriate in view of the distances some people travelled.

The Fleece Sale this year had been less successful this year possibility due to the fact that the date was so close to Fibre East. After discussion it was felt that August was the most appropriate date.

Barbara asked if any consideration had been given to using a bigger hall for meetings and how we would manage in November if we had an influx of Great Wheels. Pam suggested using the Church for larger meetings and agreed to speak to the Church Warden and liaise with Ann.

It was felt that we should include some items in the programme on the history of Spinning. Denise suggested Ruth Gilbert who is a professional textile historian as a possible speaker. Kevin should be approached for an article for the Newsletter since his mother had worked in the Harris Tweed industry.

Jane A asked about tuition and was advised that help was always available at Guild meetings and also that Pam ran her Spinning School.

October meeting item on Plying was likely to be postponed to next year.

Item on Methods of Communication was deferred to another meeting.

Date of next meeting – 6 September 2014.