Diary 2014

Our theme this year is ‘Getting the techniques right!’

4th January
Long Draw Spinning-Inspiration Day*
Plying workshop and fibre and prep for February Silk Dying workshop.

1st February
Silk Dyeing Workshop with Maggie Stearn. If you are bringing your own silk please make sure it has been soaked for 23hours. See information on email, Ravelry and in the GOLD Facebook Group. If you would rather just come along and spin.

1st March
Sock Knitting - hints, tips and types of socks. Katrina, Jamie and others will off tutorials so bring along your sock projects, socks you have knitted and questions.

5th April
Long Draw Spinning-Inspiration Day*
Art Yarns and jewelry making with Monika Zemojdul of 'Wool Stories'.

3rd May
Details to follow

7th June
Long Draw Spinning-Inspiration Day*
Silk spinning, blending and carding with Maggie Stearn. A chance to make luxurious yarn with silk that was dyed in the February meeting or bring your own fibres.

27th - 28th June Woolfest

5th July
Long Draw Spinning-Inspiration Day* -

26th – 27th July
GOLDS Demonstration Stand: Fibre East – Redborne Community College. Volunteer GOLDS members are needed to help with Long Draw Spinning demonstrations, and talking to people on the stand.

2nd August
GOLDS (4th) Fleece Sale and Second Hand Bring and Buy - PLEASE TELL ANYONE ABOUT THIS EVENT - we need to support our local fleece producers.

Wilbarston Village Hall from 10.30- 4pm.

The aim of this sale is to help our members that own sheep find a local market for their wool. Unwanted spinning/wool related equipment/ second hand stall will be running this year. There will be an inspection table to help select and identify fleeces will be labelled with name, address and sheep details to make them completely traceable and a contact for further demand!
Non-members can apply to GOLDS for permission to sell their fleeces. Registration forms will be available from GOLDS Chair (chair@longdrawspinners.org). All Fleece sellers must registered by 1st July.

The GOLDS Great Wheel will be available for a different spinning experience.

6th September
GOLDS Annual General Meeting at 11a.m.
and Long Draw Spinning-Inspiration Day*

4th October
Long Draw Spinning-Inspiration Day*

Starting at 11 o’clock our speaker is Adam Jordan, a 32 year old Loughborough Graduate who one handed, weaves unconventional totally original patterns on a 32 shaft weaving loom, hence his brand name “The Weaver Boy”.

Adam’s designs are extravagant and imaginative, producing pattern upon pattern, upon pattern. He specialises in special occasion handbags, interior design panels and accessories including lighting features.

He is bringing his craft stall display of work and will talk to this and be pleased to answer questions about aspects of weaving. About half way through the afternoon he will leave us. I’m sure he will be interested in our spinning projects too, but if you have weaving of your own to bring please do.

Do bring your wheels as well for your own spinning.

2nd November
Celebration of Spinning - Ruth Gilbert Talk - Historical Spinning and Weaving.
and Great Wheel Day: with a range of member’s Wheels demonstrated.

6th December
Long Draw Spinning-Inspiration Day*
Christmas Meeting


*Long Draw Spinning –Inspiration Days: these meetings are treasured by our members. We used these meetings as an opportunity to encourage and support Long Draw spinning, to seek advice, share experiences and network with like minded spinners. A typical day can include:
• a talking table where you can show and tell us about your latest projects
• an advice clinic, a talk / workshop on a pre-agreed topic,
• a shared lunch
• a spin – in.

(TBC): To be confirmed