4 May 2013 - Committee Meeting

Notes from GOLDS Committee meeting 4th May 2013

Present: Janet Jackson, Sally Watts, Katrina Wray, Dora Hancock

Apologies: Ann Window, Heather Webb, Jane Kennedy

First of all Janet apologised for the short notice for this meeting but there were a few issues that needed discussion urgently. Janet was grateful to gather advice from those attending and it was appreciated that this meeting fell on a bank holiday weekend and that other committee members had family or personal commitments.

Dora was present and she offered her support and it was proposed that she could be seconded onto the committee as an ordinary member.

Items discussed:

1. Membership Secretary role and membership renewals

Janet has been in touch with Caroline. Caroline has asked to step down from the Membership Secretary role as she was not managing to maintain communications and had not been attending the meetings regularly for various reasons.

The most urgent issue is to make sure the database is up to date and that new members and membership renewals have been registered. Secondly Caroline has the display materials that will be needed for the West Lodge Farm event at the end of May. Janet is to visit Caroline. Janet received the most recent completed new membership forms so she could check how up-to-date the database was when she met with Caroline.

During the meeting Katrina offered to step in as Membership Secretary. Janet had said that this role is so important and was very pleased with Katrina’s offer. Regular updates and communication with members was vital and especially for members who can not attend meetings. Janet and Katrina will meet and hand over the database at the next meeting.

2. Review of the committee: it was raised that the Role of Chair will need to be addressed and that we should be thinking about nominations for a replacement for Janet.

3. The Website was discussed briefly and Pam has asked for money to cover the domain name.

Sally reported that the exact amount has not yet been determined and she is waiting for the paperwork.

4.The Newsletter was not discussed as Heather was not present.

5. Current Programme:

a) Maggie Stern is having a stand at the Living Crafts Fair at Hatfield House 10th-12th May. She has asked to borrow the Great Wheel and she will be promoting GOLDS. Janet has agreed to be on the Stand on 11th May to demonstrate longdraw.

b) The next event is the Sheep shearing show at the West Lodge Farm near Desborough. Janet did not know the details of this event but asked for help to organise and demonstrate. Janet will contact Ann for more information.

c) Fibre East: we need to start compiling a list of volunteers to be on our stand over the weekend so that everyone can enjoy Fibre East. Katrina agreed to email members after the next meeting to ask for volunteers.

d) Fleece Sale: we need a leaflet to promote the Fleece Sale.

e) 2013-2014 Ann had said she would like to create the new programme for next year before the AGM. Ideas:
• Another trip to the Threshing Barn with a workshop
• Maggie and silk dyeing
• Sock knitting

6. Finance
Current account balance: £765.70
Fund raising account: £340.76

7. GOLDS Cookery Book
Dora has offered to compile a collection of recipes from members and create a cookery book. The GOLDS recipe book will be a fund raiser. Ideas suggested were ‘member’s favourite dish of the month’ to be voted for at meetings, and the classic favourites.

8. The Great Wheel
Janet reported that the wheel was not running in very well. Over Easter Janet made a new drive band. The problem she felt was that the bolts housing the spindle were too tight against the spindle whorl. Maggie’s husband is going to try and fix this for us whilst Maggie had the wheel on loan rather than travelling with the wheel up to Cheshire.

9. Lap blending boards
During the course of the meeting Maggie demonstrated a lap blending board and we were all thrilled by the simplicity of the concept. Janet was going to propose that we order a GOLDS drum carder but the boards seem to be a more portable method. Maggie’s husband makes these boards for £70 each and it was agreed that the guild could order two for members to use. Two were decided so that one person could teach another how to use them. It was agreed that the cost for the two boards would be taken out of the current account funds.

10. Date of next Meeting: 1st June 2013