1 September 2012 - Committee Minutes

Present: Ann, Caroline, Heather, Jane, Janet, Katrina, Norma, Rachel T, Sally

Apologies: Helen

Matters outstanding from minutes of last meeting

Janet requested that Sally investigate obtaining a bank debit card for easier payment for internet orders. It was also suggested that a Paypal account would simplify handling membership payments.

Heather expressed concern that we did not have a definite price or finish date for the Great Wheel. Janet to follow this up with David – Janet has requested an invoice for the Great Wheel but has not yet been received.

Consideration to be given to what our next fundraising subject would be. The website was suggested for an upgrade. Concerns were still in place that we did not own our domain name nor did we have total control over the website itself. We needed to decide on what features are required and investigate costs involved. It was felt that we were currently paying more than necessary for domain and hosting and Katrina agreed to obtain ideas of costs from her web provider. Free Blogs/Twitter/Facebook should also be investigated.

Programme/Forthcoming Events

October meeting

Katrina agreed to contact Maggie Stearn regarding costs for the workshop and advise Janet and Sally. It was suggested that the Guild should cover the costs of this full day workshop. It was possible that members could be asked to pay a small contribution towards materials depending on the final figure involved.

Caroline agreed to notify all members of the workshop and request that they brought a packed lunch for this occasion. It was felt that too much time would be lost clearing tables and setting up/washing up lunch. Coffee and tea would still be available.

On a general point, it was felt that in future we should establish costs when planning a new programme before committing Guild funds.


See copy of revised Protocols on website for changes to appendices as discussed.

Any Other Business

It was agreed that Honorary members should be included in the membership number used to calculate the affiliation fee to AWSD.

Norma to make contact with Helen to ask if she is willing to cover committee meeting minutes during the winter.

Norma to contact AWSD to notify them of change to committee and new contact details.