2012 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Saturday, 1 September 2012 at Stoke Albany Village Hall.

Present: Alison, Barbara, Caroline, Christine, Heather, Jane K, Jane W, Janet, Jo, Katrina, Norma, Rachel M., Rachel T., Sally.

Visitors present: Anna, Eileen, Stephanie

Apologies: Ann, Dora, Helen, Jan, Linda, Pat, Sue

1. Welcome
Janet welcomed everyone to the meeting which rounded off a very busy year for the Guild.

2. The Minutes of the 2011 AGM were accepted as read.
Proposed: Rachel
Seconded: Heather

3. There were no matters arising from the minutes.

4. Annual Report

Janet summarised her Annual Report which had been circulated.

She highlighted the wonderful support we had received from outside the Guild particularly on the Great Wheel Fund. It was very unfortunate that we had not yet taken delivery of our wheel and a further follow up was needed with David in the hope that we might have it before the November meeting.

A decision was needed on what to make with our Jubilee wool. It was decided to knit cushions and bunting to use on our show stands. Both Woolfest and Fibre East had been cold and/or wet so something warm and cheerful would be appreciated on future occasions. Many more people had volunteered to help at Fibre East which was much appreciated.

On referring back to her original vision now that she was at the end of her second year, Janet felt that much had been achieved and if anything we were perhaps too busy. It would be good to build some “just spinning” days into the programme and perhaps have a lunch rota so that it wasn’t always the same people in the kitchen. It was agreed that the shared lunch should continue but that it should be speeded up if possible.

Janet said she would like to concentrate on “communications” during the next year – both with members and other Guilds and make better use of our affiliation to the AWSD. The newsletter had been very successful but more copy was needed. It would be good to hear from members who can’t visit Stoke Albany telling us what they are doing in their local areas, as well as ‘local’ members telling us about their interests. Articles on any topic should be forwarded to Heather.

5. Financial Report

Janet thanked Sally for all her hard work in keeping on top of our growing bank balance.

Income for year: £1940.78
Expenditure for year: £1030.06
Balance at Bank: A/c1 £692.52; A/c2 £1340.36 with £30 cash in hand gives a total of £2062.57
Bag Stock is currently valued at £145.00

6. Allocation of Funds

a) Essential Fund
The Annual Membership Fees should cover the admin costs of running the Guild and the AWSD Affiliation Fees, website costs, Newsletter etc.

Income for year: £451.78
Expenditure for year: £479.37

b) Members’ Fund
The income from the monthly meetings at Stoke Albany should be spent in a way that benefited those members who attend once all expenses had been paid. It was suggested to put aside £150 towards next year’s programme to cover the cost of speakers.

Income for year: £934.00
Expenditure for year: £550.69

c) Project Fund
Surplus from Fund Raising Days should be allocated to the current project – namely the purchase of a Great Wheel at a cost of approximately £900 this fund.

Income for year: £460.00

7. Confirmation of Officers

The following officers were willing to continue in their posts and were confirmed:
Treasurer - Sally
Programme Secretary - Ann and Katrina
Publicity - Jane
Newsletter Editor - Heather
Membership Secretary - Caroline had recently taken over the role from Heather
Secretary - Norma offered to stand down if a “full-time” Secretary could be found. Helen had agreed to continue as a committee member and it was hoped that she would continue to cover the Minutes of meetings in Norma’s absence.
Webmaster - Norma
AWSD Secretary - Rachel T. offered to take over this role and was elected.

Members were reminded that a new Chair would be needed next year!!

8. Protocols

Some minor changes had been made to the Protocols and these were ratified. A full copy is available on the website.

Alterations to the various appendices would be discussed at the next committee meeting and changes would be made as required.

9. Celebration of Spinning 2012

Janet agreed to contact Val and David. Jane to consider local publicity.

10. Programme for 2013

Christine offered a workshop on tassel making
Heather requested workshops on the more technical aspects of spinning – perhaps a technical challenge once a year
Workshop on plying
Workshop on long draw spinning of short fibres
Workshop on pattern design
? Attend/Demonstrate at West Lodge Open Day

Grand Day Out suggestions were either the London Cloth Company in Hackney which uses old looms to produce traditional cloth and/or a visit to Woburn safari park

11. External Requests and Enquiries

12. Questions

13. Any Other Business

Caroline reported that we had attracted a total of 10 new members this year giving a total of 38 + 4 honorary members. In 2011 we had a total of 32 full members including 12 new recruits, most of whom stayed with us in 2012. In 2010 of our 34 full members, 17 were new with 10 renewing their membership in the following year. Whilst the Guild seems to be good at attracting new members to the organisation we need to continue of encourage people to stay with us. Our of our current 42 total membership, 28 have joined in the last three years, with 10 having joined this year and 9 in each of the preceding two years. Hopefully the inclusion of different activities at our monthly meetings will ensure that we continue to attract new members and retain existing ones.

Jo informed members that the Boxmoor Trust was holding a Wood, Wool and Food Festival in Hemel Hempstead on 20th October and wondered if the Guild would like to attend.

14. Date of next meeting

It was agreed that the AGM would be held in future on the first Saturday of September each year at Stoke Albany Village Hall. Next AGM is 7th September 2013.