2nd June 2012 - Committee Meeting

Present: Ann, Caroline, Heather, Janet, Norma, Sally, Jane, Katrina

Matters arising from minutes of last meeting

There were no outstanding issues arising from last minutes.

Report from the Chair

There had been lots of activity since our last committee meeting – thank you Helen for issuing the minutes in Norma’s absence.

The Woolsack stuffing day had been a great success. Our cushions had been forwarded to Bedford which was hosting one Olympic and 13 Paralympic teams for training. It was hoped that the team from the Maldives would be present at Fibre East and would be presented with their cushions there. Thanks were also due to Jane and John for their photos and coverage in the Harborough Mail.

The drop spindling workshop was very successful as was the ‘grand day out’ visit to Griffiths Mill and the Threshing Barn. Thanks were due to Ann and Katrina for organising the trip.

We had had a lot of coverage in the recent Yarnmaker magazine which had brought forth a new member from Ireland – Peter Hoare. Whilst visiting Northampton, Peter had given a film show organised jointly with the Spinning School.

Finance Report

Community Bank Account £860.49
Business Bank Account £940.18**
Total in Bank £1800.67
Cash in Hand £40.00
Payment due £42.00 for Domain Name
£53.70 Adelaide Walker Ltd (Jubilee tops)

**(this is fundraising account – currently set aside for purchase of Great Wheel)

Janet requested that Sally investigate obtaining a bank debit card for easier payment for internet orders. It was also suggested that a Paypal account would simplify handling membership payments.

Heather expressed concern that we did not have a definite price or finish date for the Great Wheel. Janet to follow this up with David.

Jane kindly offered to supply future project fibre requirements at cost price.

Towards the next AGM in September we should give consideration to what our next fundraising subject would be. The website was suggested for an upgrade. Concerns were still in place that we did not own our domain name nor did we have total control over the website itself. We needed to decide on what features are required and investigate costs involved. It was felt that we were currently paying more than necessary for domain and hosting and Katrina agreed to obtain ideas of costs from her web provider. Free Blogs/Twitter/Facebook should also be investigated.

Membership Report

Caroline was taking over as Membership Secretary with immediate effect. Norma offered to update Leaflets in time for Woolfest.

Once Caroline had had a chance to update the full membership list it should be circulated to committee members so that they can update their email lists. Heather reported that fully paid up members were now in the region of 40-45.

Janet requested that new name badges should be prepared and issued to all 2012 members.

There was no AWSD Report

It was felt that we were not taking full advantage of our affiliation to the AWSD.

Programme/Forthcoming Events

Woolfest – Janet had spoken to David and it was possible that our Great Wheel would not be ready in time for Woolfest but the Bryant’s own wheel would be available on loan. Janet had advised David that important date for receiving the Great Wheel was the Fibre East weekend because of their very generous donation and past publicity.

Heather had undertaken to design and obtain banner. Janet requested that button badges should also be obtained to give to people who tried the great wheel.

It was felt that, since we had funds, we should consider buying some backdrop material. Norma had investigated and found ready made tab top curtains available at Argos at £22.99 a pair for 66” wide x 72” long in mocha cotton. It was agreed to buy two pairs. It was also agreed to purchase two pop-up laundry baskets at £4.99 each to hold fleece.

Woolfest Attendees: Janet, Norma, Caroline and Rachel. Heather will attend on Nude Ewe stand.

Volunteers are urgently needed for FibreEast so that the same people that did Woolfest are not expected to man the stand for the whole weekend. If members wished to volunteer they should contact Janet.

July meeting – It was agreed that we would be in Stoke Albany from 10.00am – 2.00pm and then go to visit Eve’s from 2.30pm. Charges of £2.50 will be made for the morning in the Hall and visitors to Eve’s would pay an additional £2.50 to cover Eve’s hospitality.

Fleece Sale – August meeting – Sally agreed to check booking for hall.

Jane agreed to undertake publicity for this event: contacting local press, surrounding ASWD guilds and other possible contacts. The publicity will be aimed at getting more spinners to come and buy fleeces.

Future items for programme 2013

Visit to London Weaving Company in London
DVD viewing - supplied by Peter Hoare ‘Wool Spinning for Beginners’. 1 hour duration

Any Other Business

Donate a hank – Jane still had 8 or 9 hanks left and suggested that she should try to sell these on ebay. This was agreed.

Maleficent – Requests for participants had been shown on ravelry and AWSD. Filming was now scheduled for 2/3 days starting 30 August plus one day for wardrobe. Director would be same as Pirates of the Caribbean.