7 January 2012 - Committee Meeting

Present: Ann , Heather, Helen, Janet, Sally, Ros

Apologies: Caroline, Norma (NZ)

Janet welcomed all the committee members present and wished everyone a Happy New Year

Matters arising from minutes of last meeting

• Janet to communicate with Pam regarding the Guilds domain name, because the committee felt that the Guild should be responsible for ownership and not an individual person.

• Janet to communicate with Elizabeth to ask if she was willing and able to continue with her role within the Guild.

Matters arising

• Heather to send out email reminders for renewal of membership.

• Heather requested that the Guild make Jane (Fibre East) an honorary member for the year, this was agreed by the committee members present.

• Woolsack stuffing date the 4th February, Janet asked if the Guild would pay for the stuffing, this was agreed by the committee members present.

• Fibre East and Wool Fest
Finance Report

• Sally reported that
 Cash in the Bank Savings was £650.06
 Cash in the Current account was £609.47
 Cash in hand £30.00

A cheque was sent to SAVH £39.00 for October not drawn upon

Ann went through the programme for the year:-

4th February - this will be a stuffing station for the Olympic cushions. Janet has sent out posters via email to members

31st March - trip to Griffiths Mini Mill in Derbyshire, Janet asked the committee to see if there was any other attractions in the area, it was suggested that the Threshing Barn was near

• It was decided that the June meeting would be changed to 9th June due to the Diamond celebration. Sally would see if the Hall could be booked for that day.

7th July - visit to Eve Newcombe-Baker’s farm, refreshments should only be Tea and cake.

4th August - Fleece sale, there are plenty of people within the Guild that have small flocks of sheep, so there should be a good selection of fleeces for sale. It was suggested that the Fleece sale be held at Wilbarston Village Hall and advertising to be sent out sooner than previous years.

AWSD updates

• Ros reported that the AWSD was holding an exhibition from 16th - 27th July at Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, Chichester. Guilds and individuals can exhibit their work. Janet suggested that the Guild take part, but it was agreed that the Guild would not enter this year but next year

Membership renewals

• Heather reminded the committee that January was the month for renewing membership.

Great Wheel Fundraising

• Janet was pleased to report that the fundraising was going really well, she handed Sally a check which brought the total to £705. Janet will get in touch with David to see if he will start making the wheel.

Newsletter to include

• Jane selling the hanks for the great wheel fund.

• The donation from Fibre East.

• A copy of the programme.

Forthcoming events

• Woolsack on the 4th February, posters have been sent to members via email, Janet to post information on Ravelry.

Any other business


Date and time for next meeting

To be advised