1st October 2011 - Committee Meeting

Present: Ann, Caroline, Heather, Helen, Janet, Norma, Sally
Apologies: Jane

Janet welcomed new members Caroline and Helen to their first committee meeting. Caroline had agreed to help Heather with membership issues and Helen agreed to cover meeting minutes in Norma’s absence.

Matters arising from minutes of last meeting

• Ann had had no success at the Festival of History at Kelmarsh Hall in finding anyone who could help track down great wheels.
• No progress yet on Guild Tshirts. The Guild logo is generally available and should not be covered by copyright.
• It was felt that more attention should be given to notifying members of the need to renew membership than chasing those who had not paid. It was agreed that there would NOT be a cut off date included in the Protocols .
• It was agreed that committee meeting minutes should be circulated to all members and posted on the website.
• Norma advised that despite several follow ups she had not heard from AWSD regarding the Public Liability Insurance.
• Janet agreed to write to Pam regarding the Guild’s domain name because it was felt that the Guild committee should be responsible for ownership and not an individual member of the Guild.
• Norma had not had a response to her request for information on the role of President. Janet agreed to write to Elizabeth to ask if she was willing and able to continue in the role.

Finance Report

• Sally was happy to report that she had bought a new accounts ledger to record income and expenditure for the Guild.
• Income for September was £105.00
• Expenditure for September was £99.39 (NB: there was an outstanding sum for photocopying)
• Bank balance was £1045.17

Membership Report

• Heather reported three new members: Jo, Joan and Gaynor.
• Janet suggested that Heather and Caroline should discuss how they were going to split the role of Membership Secretary so that the Protocols could be amended accordingly. The Protocol on the Role of Membership Secretary was one that definitely needed amending and enlarging.


• Heather reported that the next issue of In the Grease was almost ready for circulation.
• It was noted that Jane was nominated and agreed to be our Publicity Officer and currently she is managing ‘Donate a Hank’ where spun wool donated by members will be available for sale at the Laughing Ewe and all proceeds will be given to the Great Wheel fund.

There was no AWSD Report

• Concerns were raised that membership and Journal subscriptions were due to the AWSD. Janet will contact Ros and ask her to pass on forms and documents to Sally.
• Sally agreed to base subscriptions to be paid to the ASWD on the membership number reported at the AGM.

Programme/Forthcoming Events

November meeting would be an Open Inspiration Day. Janet to post on Ravelry. We could include mini demos.

Suggested programme for 2012
• 7th January – Inspiration Day +?
• 4th February – Woolsack Event
• 3rd March – Inspiration Day+?
• 31st March (*April meeting because of Easter) - activity?
• 5th May – Inspiration Day+?
• June meeting – Visit to Eve – date to be agreed
• 22nd – 23rd June – Woolfest
• 7th July – Inspiration Day +?
• 14th – 15th July – Fibre East
• 4th August – Fleece Sale
• 1st September – AGM
• 6th October – Inspiration Day +?
• 3rd November – Celebration of Spinning: Open Day
• 1st December – Christmas Inspiration Day

Full programme to be available in good time for membership renewals at the beginning of 2012.

There was no Other Business

Date of next meeting: 3rd December 2011 3-4pm