2011 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Saturday, 3 September 2011 at Stoke Albany Village Hall.

Present: Ann, Caroline, Christine, Eve, Heather, Janet, Katrina, Linda, Norma, Rachel M., Rachel T., Rosalind, Sally. Gaynor attended as a visitor

Apologies: Jane, Helen, Pat, Sue

1. Welcome

Janet welcomed everyone to the meeting which rounded off a very busy year for the Guild.

2. The Minutes of the 2010 AGM were accepted as read.
Proposed: Linda
Seconded: Caroline

3. There were no matters arising from the minutes.

4. Annual Report

Janet summarised her Annual Report which had been previously circulated. She wished to thank everyone for their support – particularly at “events” where a strong team spirit meant that everything seemed to happen as if by magic.

The newsletter “In the Grease” has proved a great success thanks to Heather’s hard work. Articles and news items are always required so please continue to email these to Heather. The Twitter account is also up and running thanks to Heather. The website contains lots of info on Guild business including the minutes of all meetings and the diary for the year together with photos of past events. The website is also the collection point for information on where to find Great Wheels. Members are encouraged to supply items for inclusion. The longdraw group on ravelry attracts a lot of discussion and members are encouraged to sign up.

Our two fund raisers this year were the Celebration of Spinning in November and the Fleece Bring and Buy sale in August both of which were very successful. It was agreed to run the Fleece Sale again next year and to try and obtain more fleeces whilst at the same time being careful to support members and know the source of the fleeces. We should also advertise the event more widely. We had a group from Bedfordshire Guild who spent the day with us this year. It was also agreed that the November meeting would be an ‘open meeting’ (inviting friends, family and publicising around the guilds) for the 2011 Celebration of Spinning.

We had all enjoyed our evening with Eve visiting her Jacob, Zwartbles and Berrichon du Cher sheep.
We supported Pam in her exchange workshop with the Felters Guild and Rosalind stood in at the very last moment to give a talk to the Stannion Women’s Club though generally we ran fewer outreach workshops this year.

Woolfest had been an extremely busy weekend; over 5,000 people attended. Val and David lent us their Great Wheel for the event (and we kept it for the summer). We also had the Knitted SoftBench and both items proved to be great crowd pleasers. Running the Guild stand is always great fun though it can be exhausting! More volunteers were invited to help out. Fibre East was an unknown quantity but turned out to be a fabulous event. Smaller than Woolfest but a good mix of trade stalls. Rosalind joined the team in the back-to-back competition which was she reported was great fun but needed better organisation for next year!

All in all a brilliant year.

5. Financial Report

Janet thanked Sally for taking over the role of Treasurer and for all her hard work in sorting out the bank account.

Income for year £1348.50
Expenditure for year £1017.69
Surplus for year £330.81
Balance at Bank £1048.17 with £30 cash in hand gives a total of £1078.17
Bag Stock is currently valued at £203.30

6. Allocation of Funds

Now that we had a reasonably healthy bank balance, Janet advised that she would like to see some structure in the way the funds were allocated. There were three main areas:

a) Essential Fund

The Annual Membership Fees should cover the admin costs of running the Guild and the AWSD Affiliation Fees, website costs, Newsletter etc.

b) Members’ Fund

It was agreed that the income generated from the monthly meetings at Stoke Albany should be spent in a way that benefitted those members who attend once all expenses had been paid. It was suggested to put aside £150 towards next year’s programme to cover the cost of speakers or materials.

c) Project Fund

Surplus from Fund Raising Days should be allocated to the current project – namely the purchase of a Great Wheel at a cost of approximately £900. The surplus to be calculated after hall costs have been paid and members’ entry fees have been deducted since these form part of the Members’ Fund. It was suggested that a figure of £450 could currently be allocated to this fund.

Rachel M. enquired about the Lottery funding application to buy the Great Wheel. Janet reported that the application had been turned down with the suggestion that the Arts Council & Heritage Fund might be a more suitable source. This had not yet been followed up but would be looked into again.

7. Confirmation of Officers

Norma reported that Caroline and Helen had kindly agreed to serve on the committee in a general capacity and Jane had offered her services with publicity.

The following officers were appointed:

Treasurer Sally had agreed to carry on for another year
Programme Secretary Ann had expressed a desire to stand down but agreed to continue for another year with the aid of new member Katrina who volunteered to help.
Publicity Jane would take on this role to free up Heather
Newsletter Editor Heather agreed to continue
Membership Secretary Heather agreed to continue for this year and Caroline volunteered to help.
Secretary Norma offered to stand down if a “full-time” Secretary could be found. The “stand down” was rejected! It was suggested that Helen could be approached to see if she could cover the Minutes of meetings and keep records in Norma’s absence.
AWSD Secretary Rosalind agreed to continue
Webmaster Norma agreed to continue

8. Protocols

A full review of the Protocols was needed. Janet asked the individuals taking on committee roles to check out the protocols and suggest any changes which were necessary. The Membership Secretary role needed amending to help Heather.

Rosalind stated that the Protocols had prevented her and Pam representing the Guild at Knuston this year. The issue was fees. In 2010, the Knuston Hall Spinning event was organised by Pam as Chair although accounts for this event were not held by the Guild it was recognised that GOLDS was represented and promoted. However during the 2010 AGM new Protocols were accepted and in Section 5 it was proposed that all Guild events should pass to the Chair and be approved by the committee. The protocols do not prevent members organising and charging for events but all events need to be risk assessed and approved and supported by the committee. Fees and costs for an event should also pass through the GOLDS books or accounts kept and presented to the committee. The GOLDS committee were not informed that the Knuston event would be repeated this year so we presumed that this was a Pam’s Spinning School event. Members attending or organising events on a commercial or private basis without informing the committee would not be covered by the Guild insurance (obtained through the AWSD affiliation). Please could all members communicate with the committee if they are invited to represent the Guild or wish to organise a GOLDS event.

9. Programme for 2011/12

Ann reported that she had the some suggestions carried forward from last year and asked for additional ideas from the membership:
Sally/Linda Visits to other Guilds or places of interest
Rosalind Drop spinning
Christine Spinning unusual fibres
Janet Using Computers (Janet agreed to ask her Dean about using the out-of-hours IT room at Northampton University)
Could a tour of a mill be arranged?
Yarn swap day?

October meeting: Christine is organising a braiding workshop for us.

Challenge. Janet suggested we might like to join the “Woolsack” project. 14,000 cushions were needed to be given to the Olympiads. They needed to be made from British wool and should be 14” x 14”. If we supplied 10 cushions we could be included in the Olympics publicity. We would need to contact the Woolsack organisers to arrange to have a filling station at the Guild. 4th February was suggested as a possible date. We could then invite other organisations to bring their cushions to us on that day. Check it out on www.woolsack.org

It was agreed that we should promote our events much more widely and encourage discussion on the website and on ravelry.

11./12. Questions/Any Other Business

Rosalind advised that she had received notification from the Cotswold Guild that they were having a speaker on Medieval Textiles on Tuesday, 20th September at 7.30pm. Their meetings are held at Hook Norton. Cambridgeshire Guild had sent their newsletter. They hold afternoon meetings. It was agreed that we should develop a closer working relationship with other Guilds and ask local Guilds to tell us about their local open days.

Jane had agreed to sell skeins of handspun yarn to raise funds for the Great Wheel. All proceeds from the sale would be donated to the fund. If each member could contribute just one skein we could raise a considerable sum towards our own Great Wheel.

A Spin In Public Day is being held at The Laughing Ewe in East Carlton Country Park on 17 September 2011. All are welcome.

13. Date of next meeting

It was agreed that the AGM would be held in future on the first Saturday of September each year at Stoke Albany Village Hall. Next AGM is 1st September 2012.