What does one do with a fleece?

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On a Tuesday evening I take myself off to the Tuesday Spinners and CakeEaters Group (check them out on Ravelry). One of the members (sarahw) is a very prolific author as well as spinner and has kindly agreed that I can make her material available to members of the Guild. I recommend reading her blogs – she has a particularly good pictorial step by step guide to handling a fleece.

Sarah is currently working on a series of leaflets for free distribution planned to encourage and improve links between UK wool producers and handspinners.

If you are a keeper of sheep and wonder how you can best get your fleeces to market, or a handspinner feeling a bit daunted by taking on a whole fleece, then these are for you. I will post more as they become available.

The leaflets have been produced with assistance from Wool Clip but the files are too large for me to post here. Request a copy from: secretary@longdrawspinners.org

Currently available:

How to Sort a Fleece
How to Wash a Fleece
How to Sell a Fleece (for sheep keepers)