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Taken from "The Web" journal 1985-1988

“Store Not Up”

A dreddfull warnynge by Mistress Anne Hayman of Wellyngtonne
(with spellnge embellysshed by Man Frydaye ower whom ye Editor hath no controlle atalle)

Store not up Supplies, upon this Earthe,
We’ve seen members with a Million Dollars worthe.

Fleases of all Colours – of every Breede & Counte,
Yarnes there were a ‘plenty in Mind-bloweing Amount.

Lynnens, Cottons, Sylkes or Woolle,
We have seene those Rooms so Fulle:

Reedes & Spooles, Wheeles & Loomes:
How we’ve stuffed our woollcrafte Rooms!

How are all your Purses farynge?
Why are Husbands So forbearynge?

Bookes, Patternes, Journals & Suche –
Don’t you thinke it alle too Muche?

Thys is what I want to Knowe -
‘Who will Cop(p) it when you Go?

‘Will you have Tyme to Activate
Alle that you accumulate?


In the same vane Jean McDonnell who was the Trades Convenor for the Society’s Auckland 1988 Festival wrote….

Otherwise sensible and practical Wives, Mothers, women, develop a strange look in the eye, crouch as if on the starting blocks for the 100 metre dash, open cheque book in hand, waiting for the Trades Hall to open, then WHOOSH!!! Step aside and let them go. Minutes later they emerge, smiling, and staggering under the weight of fleece, yarn, books etc.

The day’s activities over, and back at the motel, purchases are compared. This would have been cheaper here: that there; and other goods they just hadn’t seen in the mad dash………………

SO: Take notes first time around. What was where and how much? Take your time, compare quality with price: consider the end use.

Happy shopping.

** Doesn’t this sound just too familiar. Nothing changes!!!