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What size needle do I use?

To work out the size of the needle without doing several test squares, for homespun, commercial yarn, knitting cottons etc., take a piece of the yarn and double it. Lay it on a piece of paper and mark each side. Measure between the marks in millimetres and that is the size needle in mm you require.


Photographing your work

Dear nice people! This is a plea to you to be kinder to your textile efforts, when photographing them.

The human eye is very selective – by and large it sees what you want it to see and ignores the rest. The camera cannot do that, it sees what it’s pointed at and it captures EVERYTHING, for ever.

When, therefore, you take a garment and you display it against a background that contains a lot of busy and/or highly contrasting detail, that detail or whatever, simply SWAMPS the textile you are photographing. It’s rather like sitting down to a dish of delicately tasting shrimps but smothering them with a garlic laden curry sauce!

When next you photograph your textiles, try to do so against an absolutely neutral grey (a blanket will do): you’ll be amazed at the way every detail of your textile is given a chance to stand out.

--Man Friday


Tying a leader on a bobbin

Take the usual length of wool plus 15-20 cms, the which you fold back. With a finger in the loop, wind the doubled thread around the bobbin shaft twice: pull the ends through the loop and tighten. It will not slip and it needs no knots – reef, granny or otherwise.
--Gwen Fox, Christchurch NZ