Too Busy

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TOO BUSY?…Author Unknown

In the dim and distant past when life’s tempo wasn’t fast,
Grandma used to rock and knit, crochet, tat and baby-sit.
Grandma now is at the gym exercising to keep slim.
Now she’s golfing with the bunch, taking clients out to lunch.
She’s going south to ski and curl, and her days are in a whirl.
Nothing seems to stop or block her – now that Grandma’s off her rocker.

…this was followed up with

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO GRANDMA? (to reassure a member who worried that Grandma was neglecting her woolcraft!)
Grandma’s going to the pack – slipped at golf and ricked her back;
She even tried to bungy jump. They warned her there would be a bump.
“Arthritic joints are not elastic – don’t bungy jump, it’s far too drastic.”
Then one day skiing down the slope (while there’s life there’s always hope)
Round a curve she hit a rock and brittle bones can’t stand the shock.
Grandma’s leg is in a cast through skiing down the hill too fast.
The medic said, “It is no joke, keeping up with younger folk.
Try crochet, tatting and some knitting – for older folk they are more fitting.”
She’s doing now what she does best, and ageing folk do need their rest.
Please don’t laugh and don’t you mock her;
Grandma’s back now on her rocker.
And Grandma smiles – she’s had her fling, and tried her hand at everything.