The Spinners' Ten Commandments

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From Lesley Baldwin

1. THOU SHALT treat thy wheel with love and affection always – no kicking, hammering or bashing!
2. THOU SHALT do as little as possible around the home – spinning in a sunny corner is much more satisfying!
3. THOU SHALT never have any other vices!
4. THOU SHALT have legs as strong as joggers – perhaps the right stronger than the left!
5. THOU SHALT have hands not dry and cracked – but smooth and soft from greasy fleeces.
6. THOU SHALT have special friends – sheep farmers, goat farmers and rabbit farmers.
7. THOU SHALT have cupboards full – not of cookies, preserves and jams – but of dyeing materials – onion skins, lichens and dandelions.
8. THOU SHALT have a bath stained of many colours – room is needed for good results.
9. THOU SHALT have mothers, sisters and daughters – that must learn to knit!
10. THOU SHALT have and MUST have – very understanding families.

… and what about

All targets met
All systems working
All customers satisfied
All staff eager and enthusiastic –
All pigs fed and ready to fly!