2 July 2011 - Committee Meeting

Guild of Long Draw Spinners Committee Meeting
2 July 2011, Stoke Albany Village Hall

Present: Janet, Heather, Ros, Ann, Norma
Apologies: Sally

Matters arising from minutes of last meeting

• Janet undertook to do mailing to those members who did not have email.
• Availability of Great Wheel from Luttrell Psalter film – follow up still needed by Ros.
• Heather had found nobody at English Heritage who could track down great wheels. Ann offered to follow this up at the Festival of History at Kelmarsh Hall on 16/17 July.
• Members had been informed that AGM had been moved to September.
• AWSD AGM – Ros had been unable to attend.
• Guild Tshirts – Heather undertook to look at creating a general Guild Tshirt which could be available to members direct from Spreadshirt (www.spreadshirt.co.uk). This would avoid the need for us to hold stock. Permission for the use of the Guild logo should be clarified.

Report from the Chair

Woolfest – Janet wished to thank Heather, Norma, Caroline and Rachel for their support in running the Stand which had been very busy the whole two days. Thanks also to Val & David Bryant for the loan of the Great Wheel which was also at this meeting and would be available for Fibre East and the August meeting. It was hoped that Val & David might attend the August meeting. Also thanks to Abi for the loan of the Soft Bench. Both the Wheel and the Bench were great crowd pullers! We enrolled one new member and had one renewal. We gave out 90 leaflets to interested parties.

Finance Report

• There was no report this month due to Sally’s unavailability.

Membership Report

• Heather had produced an up-to-date list of members. There were still a few who had not renewed.
• Cut off date for ceasing membership should be 1st July each year. With note going to members advising them that their membership has lapsed. This should be added to Protocols – action Norma.
• Norma undertook to ring Shirley Simpson to clarify her position. She would not have received any of the newsletters since she does not have email.
• Ros felt that members should have a brief monthly update email – which should be sent by post to those members without email.)
• Committee meeting minutes would only be circulated to the committee members. They would be posted on the website and members would be reminded that they can read them there.

AWSD Report

• No communications to report from AWSD.
• Norma advised that she had applied for a copy of the Public Liability Insurance Certificate because we had been asked to supply this for Woolfest. Apparently AWSD are considering sending this out to all affiliated Guilds when they acknowledge receipt of their annual fees.
• Fees v donations. Janet reported that there had been discussions recently on ravelry regarding whether Guilds should be paid for giving workshops. This issue had also come up with the organisers of Fibre East and it had been suggested that a donation should be made instead. This matter requires further clarification.

Programme/Forthcoming Events

Fibre East

o We would not now be running workshops due to insufficient numbers.
o Because we are not paying for Stand, to appease stallholders we must declare in advance any items we intend to sell.
o Our space would be 4m x 2m and would be at entrance of one of the marquees
o We have requested two tables and three chairs
o There would be no display panels
o Set up time available on Friday pm
o Who’s going? : Friday – Janet, Heather (Nude Ewe), Norma, Ros is also available; Saturday – Janet, Caroline, Rachel, Norma; Sunday – Janet, Caroline, Rachel, Norma, Ros. Ann and Sally would also be attending and could provide cover.

Fleece Sale

o 6 August – arrive 9am for 10am start – Ros to check hall availability.
o Registered sellers would pay £5 for a table – register by 19 July and request tags – so far fleeces are expected from Eve, Pat, Heather, Caroline, Ann, Jo
o Entry fee £5 to include tea and cake
o Ros to prepare vouchers for tea and cake
o Norma to print copies of Sarah Wroot’s leaflets on fleece handling
o Janet had sent posters to all members to distribute
o Janet would prepare a small leaflet to hand out at Fibre East.
o Risk Assessment required?
o Note to go to members to bring own lunch for the day (not shared lunch) and to please bring cakes.
o Available on the day – fleece sale with tables for inspection – corner for spinning demo/tuition – Great Wheel – fleece preparation – fleece rolling.
o We need tea and coffee / milk / hand sanitisers

AGM – 3 September

o Janet and Norma to check documents
o Protocol updates to be identified
o Norma to establish whether officers are willing to continue and request nominations where necessary.

Durham Guild of Spinners – request for talk

o It was not felt feasible to accept this invitation in view of distance involved.

Programme for next year

o Ann was asked to send list of suggestions to the committee. She had 6/7 items carried over from last year.
o Norma mentioned that our June meeting in 2012 coincided with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Weekend and wondered if we wanted to make this a special occasion.
o It would be desirable to have programme agreed at AGM so that it was available in good time for membership renewals at the beginning of 2012.

Any Other Business

• Netnames – management of account
o It was suggested by Norma that the Webmaster should be responsible for the management of the netnames account in the same way as the web hosting. Norma agreed to contact Pam to arrange this.
o Norma also suggested that we should consider paying Pam for the original set-up charges involved. (Renewals had been covered from Guild funds.)
o We should also request from Pam a list of any other expenditure incurred during the set up of the Guild which she feels should be reimbursed. (Original invoices would be required)