5 March 2011 - Committee Meeting

Meeting held at Stoke Albany Village Hall

Present: Janet, Heather, Ros, Sally, Anne
Apologies: Norma (in NZ)

Matters arising and minutes of last meeting:

• AWSD fees have been paid for 2011, and the link from the AWSD website to the GOLDS website has been set up.
• December newsletter completed and sent out
• The Open Day was very successful: 4 new members joined and there was a great article in the Village Voice. HW to send article to the membership with the next newsletter
• The question arose re printing for sending the newsletter etc to members without email. JJ is happy to do the printing; HW to send JJ a list of members who don’t have email
• Wreakin & Felters Association workshops are now both completed, many thanks to everyone who helped out!
• There was some discussion about claiming expenses for helping out at special guild events. RW was not in favour of the idea, feeling that it went against the spirit of volunteerism. JJ suggested letting members decide if they’d like to claim, so as not to discourage participation based on lack of finances. In the end it was agreed to go ahead and let members decide, recognising that most guild members won’t bother anyway.

Report from the Chair:

• The guild is now booked into both Woolfest and Fibre East, although we still need to send Fibre East the workshop form. Fibre East is offering to pay the guild £85 for 2 workshops of up to 10 people each. We will need some idea of who is definitely planning to attend as people will be needed to man the stall and conduct the workshops. Confirmed so far are:
o Pam
o Janet
o Heather (will be there with Nude Ewe but available in a pinch)
o Sally (but may be busy with guests)
o Ros
JJ will send the workshop form to Fibre East; HW will put a call for volunteers (for both events) in the next newsletter. HW will contact Martina from the Beds guild to see if they might be able to lend any wheels to cover the workshops and stall. JJ will contact Woodland Turnery to see if they might consider lending 2nd hand wheels for the workshops, in exchange for promotion.
• Janet emailed Val & David Bryant inviting them to join us at Woolfest and/or Fibre East. She will contact Gillian about borrowing her great wheel in the event that the Bryants aren’t planning to attend one or both of the festivals. Janet also asked them for an estimate to make a great wheel for the guild.
• A list of great wheels housed in museums is being put together. Janet’s daughter Jen has sent out enquiries; so far 7 museums have replied. The group agreed starting a historical archive would be good for the guild to do; Janet asked Ros if she would consider helping out in that respect, perhaps arranging outings to see the wheels and/or documenting their history.
Ros mentioned the great wheel made for the Luttrell Psalter film; Sally suggested that whoever commissioned it might be interested in selling it, although it would have to be inspected to make sure it’s in working order. RW will follow up and report back to the group. HW will enquire with colleagues about someone in English Heritage who might be able to help us track down wheels at their properties.

Membership report

• The next newsletter is due to come out at the end of March. HW will include a reminder about annual dues. AW will send HW the latest programme to go out to the membership


• Sally distributed the latest figures, and the group discussed how much should be in the ‘great wheel fund’. Janet suggested leaving £300 in the bank for guild business, with the rest to be put towards the great wheel. This could be used as match funding for a grant proposal
• Sally will provide an updated report at each committee meeting, and a full balance at the AGM.
• SW and JJ will complete the new forms for the bank
• The Stoke Albany village hall fee has gone up to £6.50/hr, effective immediately.


• As agreed at the last AGM, the next (and subsequent alternate) AGM will be held at Woolfest in June. JJ will contact NA to start planning.
• The date for the annual visit to Eve’s farm has been set for the evening of Monday May 23. The village hall is not available on June 4, which would be the regular meeting date. As the hall cannot be booked, and as June is going to be the start of a very busy period it was agreed that the visit to Eve’s would constitute the June meeting. JJ will contact Eve to confirm the time and suggest a potluck option if Eve would prefer not to do so much cooking.


• We need to confirm who’s going and sort out accommodation. HW will ask the membership to let her know who is going to Woolfest and Fibre East, and will let Janet know.

Fleece ‘Bring & Buy’

• This event will be the August meeting; the group agreed that if possible Wilbarston village hall would be a better venue as it has more parking and space.
• The group discussed how the event should be structured. It was agreed that people could pay for a table, with fees going to the guild, and the table holder would keep any profits from sales. As at Woolfest, each fleece would need to have the owner’s name and contact information. Rules and terms and conditions will need to be available to send out to fleece providers.
• It was agreed that an inspection table should also be available for potential customers to unroll and look at fleeces before purchasing them.
• Other suggestions included a 2nd hand equipment and/or stash sale area, a spinning/knitting related tombola and a tea/cake sale
• The group discussed whether the Bring & Buy should be a bi-annual event. Ros suggested we see how it goes this year first; the group agreed and will review the event afterwards.
• RW will check the availability of Wilbarston village hall on the date; AW will check Desborough hall as well as a potential back-up should Wilbarston not be available.

Any other business

• RW: AWSD is looking for officers. Their AGM is in London in April and the guild is entitled to send 2 people. AWSD pays delegate and travel costs; Ros is happy to go as one of the two delegates.
• HW: is demonstrating at an Open Farm Sunday event in Great Missenden, Bucks, on June 12 (in exchange for fleeces!). If anyone is interested in joining her, get in touch for details.
• HW: has been chatting with JJ about guild t-shirts, as she is designing some for the Nude Ewe already. It might be nice for spinners to have a shirt illustrating their craft, and could raise a bit of money for the guild. The aprons have the guild name and are only available to members (i.e. those who can spin long draw). Heather had put together and sent to JJ a few t-shirt design mock-ups which include the guild logo but not the name, so anyone would be able to wear one. Heather is using a company called Spreadshirt (www.spreadshirt.co.uk) for the Nude Ewe shirts. All it requires is uploading a design and publicising it on the guild website. The guild would be able to set a ‘commission’ for the design, which would be added to the shirt cost, and which would be paid into the guild account. Spreadshirt handles the sales, shirt printing, packaging and shipping so the guild would not have to invest anything but uploading the designs.