2010 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Wilbarston Village Hall, Carlton Road, Wilbarston, LE16 8QE on Saturday, 4th September 2010 at 11.00am

Present: Ann, Caroline, Christine, Eve, Heather, Janet, Linda, Lizzy, Norma, Pam, Pat, Rosalind, Sally

Apologies: Avril, Elizabeth, Judith, Helen

1. Welcome: Pam welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for coming.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted subject to the correction of the typo in the date.
Proposed: Rosalind
Seconded: Janet

3. Matters Arising: There were no matters arising.

4. Annual Report had previously been circulated outlining the events the Guild had held and attended over the past year. This showed another very successful year in terms of growth of the Guild. In handing over the Chair, Pam said that setting up the Guild had been the most satisfying and fulfilling experience but the time was now right to hand over to someone with a different set of skills and experience to guide the Guild into new directions.

5. Financial Report which had previously been circulated was accepted as submitted. Total income was £1232.90 against expenditure of £1120.83 with Cash in hand and in bank totalling £530.36.
Proposed: Sally
Seconded: Heather

Norma requested that the level of fees charged for workshops should be discussed later on the agenda under forthcoming events. Pam identified that fees were currently based on WI speaker fees plus around 50p a mile for travel expenses.

Pam thanked Linda for undertaking the accounts since the inception of the Guild and for providing the tea and coffee for the last two years (following on from herself who had the task for the previous two years)!

It should be pointed out that many of the items required in the early days were funded totally by Pam in order to get the Guild up and running. Many of these items such as the registration for our domain name have never showed through the accounts because we simply did not have any funds at that time. Likewise the bags and aprons were funded privately in order to help get our identify known.

6. Election of Chair: It was a unanimous decision that Janet was elected as our new Chair for the next three years. Pam was delighted to confirm that we couldn’t have a better person at the helm and wished Janet well in her new appointment. A little about Janet’s background and interest in spinning was included in her Vision for the Future document which had been circulated prior to the meeting, together with some of her hopes and ambitions for the development of the Guild.

Janet thanked both Pam and Linda for all of their efforts on behalf of the Guild and, together with Ros, for creating such a strong background on which we can continue to build. There is no question that the Guild has a very positive image and is continually building a reputation for quality in teaching and demonstration. People are beginning to recognise the logo; which has a strong presence on our shirts/aprons/bags and all our documents. We are instantly recognisable wherever we go and this is a credit to the initial research which found the iconic logo in the Luttrell’s Psalter in the British Library. Janet also thanked Linda for spending time with her at the 2007 Woolfest stand which got her hooked on long draw and keen to join the Guild which she did there and then.

7. Confirmation of Officers: The following officers agreed to continue in their positions for another year:

Secretary: Norma Alderson
AWSD Liaison Officer: Rosalind Willatts
Programme Secretary: Ann Window
Webmaster: Norma Alderson

The position of Treasurer was vacant following the resignation of Linda and no nominations had been forthcoming. It was agreed to defer this item until a later date. Sally kindly agreed to collect the monies at the monthly meetings. Linda agreed to obtain forms from the bank to enable new signatories to take over as and when appropriate.

The new position of Membership Secretary was proposed by Janet with a nomination of Heather for the position. This was seconded by Linda. As well as being responsible for collecting subscriptions and maintaining records, it was felt that there should be a more interactive approach since an increasing number of our members were geographically spread. Heather would therefore combine the position of Membership Secretary with that of Publicity Officer and Newsletter Editor. Heather proposed to issue a quarterly newsletter to members

A very brief discussion was held on whether we should persuade members to pay by Bankers Order and opening a Paypal account was also mentioned. This would be discussed further by the Committee.

Janet pointed out that Norma had made great strides with the development of the website and we should all support her by using it and joining in the forums.

It was hoped that Pam would feel able to continue with her training role – whether as a member of the committee or not. Her knowledge and ability was a considerable asset to the Guild.

8. Protocols: It is important now that we have a change of Chair that we take the opportunity to formalise what we have been doing so far in order to maintain some consistency in the future. The purpose of the protocols is to document best practice and ensure smooth running of the Guild. They should form a toolkit and point of reference for anyone representing the Guild at an outside event and advise members about what is required in organising an event.

In taking on the role of Chair, Janet stressed the importance she placed on fulfilling our health and safety responsibilities to the wider public. This was something she was very aware of in her academic life. It is important to identify the risks of any undertaking but it is the responsibility of the individual whether they choose to take that risk or not. We were asked to display a completed risk assessment on the stand at Woolfest this year. It is also important that we should observe the Data Protection Act.

The Roles of the Officers of the Guild have been loosely taken from the AWSD handbook and hopefully will enable new officers to know what they are letting themselves in for in taking on a role and also remind officers what is required from them.

The introduction of the protocols was accepted.

9. Ideas for 2011 Programme: Before asking for suggestions for next year’s programme, Janet said she had been looking at the accounts and wondered whether there was a possibility of using the surplus monthly meeting income (after payment of the hall charges) for the benefit of those members who regularly attend. This would enable us to have a speaker fund which could make for more interesting meetings and would help Ann the Programme Secretary to budget accordingly. We had been very lucky up to now to have been able to draw on members’ talents to take small workshops. Pam pointed out that in the case of the felting workshop, the felters had foregone their fee of £75 in exchange for a return long draw spinning workshop at their guild. The matter of a programme budget was not fully discussed and was deferred for a future committee meeting.

The following topics were put forward for inclusion in the programme:
- Selecting easy to spin fleeces – Pam agreed to undertake this topic
- Fleece Sales – perhaps twice a year – to be advertised to local guilds
- Wheel Maintenance
- Members Challenges – eg. The longest thread from a set amount of fibre
- Woolfest bunting
- Learning Sessions with Pam
- Attend Open Days at other guilds

10. Any Other Business:

a) Heather asked for permission to use photos taken at the Guild to be forwarded to a third party. This was agreed as long as an acknowledgement was made to GOLDS.

b) Janet proposed that at the current rate of economic growth it was apparent that we would not be able to purchase a coveted great wheel for the GOLDS in the foreseeable future unless we undertook some fund raising. Our first opportunity could be our Celebration of Spinning Day in November. This could take the form of an Open Day with demonstrations and learn to spin sessions. There could be an entry charge to include tea and cake. Perhaps we could undertake a joint project – such as a blanket – which could be raffled later.

c) It was suggested that we should consider joining the Open Studios programme next year.

d) The following commitments have been agreed and would be undertaken by Pam:
- 16th October – 1hr talk and demonstration at Leicestershire Guild
- 30th October – workshop at Wrekin Spinners

e) Further requests had been received from the Oxford Guild and Williams’ Woolly Wonders, a yarn shop in Kendal. These would be routed through Janet and the Committee to organise.

f) It was also suggested that perhaps we could consider attending local agricultural shows as an out-reaching exercise and Linda agreed to search out possibilities on this front.

11. Date of Next Meeting: It was agreed to hold next year’s AGM at Woolfest. and for future AGM meetings it was agreed that AGMS would be held on alternate years at Stoke Albany and Woolfest.