Visit to Irnham Village Fete - Home of Luttrell's Psalter - 18 July 2010

Helen and I had a really wonderful day at Irnham. A chap from Irnham saw Norma and Janet at Woolfest and suggested that we should be invited to the Irnham village fete and we were. They recognised us on arrival by our logo on the shirts, and could not have been more grateful to us coming. We were given the best site right at the entrance so EVERYONE had to pass us. It was windy so I pegged up the pictures from the Luttrell Psalter on the bunting around the field. There was much interest in my copy of the Psalter as the church kept its copy locked. We did Knitting clinics and felting clinics and were videoed, and talked much and everyone was wonderful. My copy of the Psalter was photographed. The teas were incredibly luscious.
There was much interest in our exhibits, knitted ware and our basket full of hanks of different breeds. I had made some labels for Helen so all were presented the same. Taking our own chairs was essential. I took clothes pegs which were useful to peg down the table cloths as well as the pictures. Felted stones would have been useful, but Helen found some stones and we put them on some kitchen paper tissues I had taken.

It was so very special being at the place where the Luttrell Psalter came from. Helen and I looked into the church, recently restored and very lovely.

Then we went up to north of Grantham for some fleeces. We had only just set up and not yet sat down to spin when we were accosted by a lady offering us some fleeces which were going to be composted. She said she lived just down the road but it was 20 miles away by minor roads and her farm with 66 sheep was 1 mile up an unmade track. She had been passing through the village, seen the bunting and come in to see what was going on. She breeds sheep and is trying to develop her own breed of Jacob x Shetland with some black welsh. The fleeces will need laying in the sun to dry out and air and to be skirted, but they are lovely. Her husband works in Corby and could bring some more down for us to rummage through if we wanted. They are Jacob, Shetland and Jacob x Shetland. Helen pounced on a particularly good fleece. I wondered why I kept bin bags and hessian sacks in the car.

Irnham is a lovely village to visit with a good atmosphere. It is some 12 miles north of Stamford. Check out Website www.Irnham

Look on for a good website showing details from an authentic film on the Luttrell Psalter.