18 June 2010 - Committee Meeting

Minutes of Committee Meeting held on 18th June 2010 at Albany Lodge, Stoke Albany
Present: Pam, Ros, Janet, Norma, Linda
Apologies:. Heather, Ann.
1. Woolfest - Janet
2. Postponement of AGM - Woolfest hospitality
3. Resignation of chair - Pam
4. Funding - Heather
5. Merchandising - Pam/Norma
6.Protocols- Norma
7. AOB -

1. Woolfest

Due to lack of space to demonstrate it had been our intention to provide a static display only. Janet and Heather were attending and could set this up. It now transpired that we could have adequate space but the usual team had made other arrangements and would be unable to attend. Norma agreed she could go if transport and accommodation could be arranged. Pam had made a request to Gill to see if she could bring Great Wheel and it transpired that Norman Kennedy would be visiting Woolfest. Norma agreed to contact Gill to see if she could arrange for Norman to give a short demo. Janet agreed to contact Cecelia to see about loan of another wheel. It was hoped that any other members who were attending would also be able to help out with demonstrations. It was also agreed that the stand would be manned from 10-12 and 2-4 to enable Janet and Norma to have a break and visit the show.

2. Postponement of AGM – Woolfest Hospitality

Due to lack of officers attending Woolfest this year, it was felt that the AGM should be postponed. This would now be held on 4th September in place of our usual meeting and would be held in Wilbarston Village Hall (Stoke Albany not being available) subject to confirmation. Meeting would start 10.30 with coffee followed by AGM at 11.00, shared lunch at 1.00. After lunch there would be a visit to Uppingham Yarns for those who wished to attend.

Because of this change, it was felt that it would be good to offer some hospitality to those Members attending the show. Norma to send out an invitation for members to join us for a sandwich lunch at 12.30 on Friday in the marquee as a guest of the Guild.

3. Resignation of Chair

As agreed at last year’s AGM, Pam formally resigned her position as Chair after serving for three years but agreed to stay on until AGM in September. Discussion followed on procedure for appointing new Chair. It was suggested that a request for nominations should be sent out with a closing date of 1st August. No nomination should be made without prior approval of nominee. Full list of nominees would be published on 7th August and would be sent out with voting forms. Closing date for voting would be 1st September for those not able to attend the AGM. Secretary would act as proxy and declare those votes at meeting.

4. Funding

Heather had forwarded replies to application to Pam because she was unable to attend meeting. Pam to circulate documents for discussion at next meeting.

5. Merchandising

Norma had brought back some items from New Zealand – lap cloth, tape measures, gripper roll – as ideas that we could follow up. The lap cloth could contain our logo and be used in place of an apron. The tape measures could have our logo attached.

A few more hooks with loop ends should be purchased at Woolfest.

More ribbon required from Speedy Sew. Also discuss what other possibilities there are to use printed ribbon – wider ribbon with logo, etc.

6. Protocols

It was agreed that as the Guild grew, protocols became more necessary. Janet suggested that Pam, as founder member and outgoing Chair, should prepare these to set the scene for the future. Norma said that she and Pam had written up a first draft earlier in the year. These should be available for adoption at the AGM.

7. AOB

July meeting – this was not normally held because many people had been away the previous weekend at Woolfest. Due to popular demand and since the hall was available, it was agreed to meet on 3rd July. Norma to notify everyone.

Pam had been in contact with Shirley Simpson. Linda agreed to contact Shirley re payment of subs. It was also noted that we had not heard from Vicki this year.

Christine had made us aware of Lisa’s recent bereavement. We were sorry to hear this news and wished to send condolences to Lisa at this sad time.