5 February 2010 - Committee Meeting

Minutes of Committee Meeting held on 5th February 2010 at Albany Lodge, Stoke Albany
Present: Pam, Heather, Ros, Janet, Ann.
Apologies: Linda , Norma.
1. Funding application
2. Woolfest report
3. Wonderwool report
4. Use of Guild email distribution list
5, Any other business
1. Funding application: It was agreed to submit a pre-application for discussion. This avoids having to go into too much detail at the outset. Janet outlined each section of the application; this was discussed and an agreed wording entered under each heading. Briefly this will mean providing ten events over two years and holding two events at Stoke Albany. Essential equipment and resources were identified; this included; Great wheel, six Ashford type teaching wheels with ancillary equipment, electric wheel for the disabled, electric drum carder, hand carders, clean fleece. Other resources included a Learning zone website showing the various processes in Long draw spinning. It was agreed to research cost of making training videos to put on site/cds etc. Janet will submit the pre-application asap. Secure storage in the Village Hall for the great wheel has been agreed in principle. Estimated costs were in the region of £10,000.
2. Woolfest: We have been allocated a tiny amount of space to demonstrate at this event and no opportunity to provide workshops as requested. Having been told that there were to be no workshops this year, the Woolfest website is now advertising two workshops to take place at another venue - neither of which includes spinning. Last year we agreed to provide a drop in workshop throughout the two days; without any prior warning this was changed and we were allocated an extremely small demonstration space. Two other workshops however, did take place in the same area! It was agreed that Pam write to the organisers to give them the chance to explain why we have been misinformed-again.
3. Wonderwool: Ros has liaised with the organisers who were very accommodating and offered demonstration and workshop space. However, we do not have sufficient staff available to run a workshop on that particular weekend so have accepted demonstration space only this year. Gillian will be there exhibiting her Artisan Threads and new member Pat has kindly volunteered to help man the stand for one day while Ros demonstrates. We still need more help if anyone is available.
4. Use of Guild mailing list: It was agreed that the Guild mailing lists - email and postal are to be used for Guild business only. The website is available to all members for exchange of information. This highlighted the fact that the Guild has no protocols covering its procedures and new members cannot be expected to know what is, and is not, accepted practice. Protocols is to be an agenda item at the next meeting.
5. Any other business: Maryland wool festival (USA) Heather announced that she will be attending this event. Pam is to put her in touch with Lea, who will be attending kindly offered accommodation to members earlier in the year.
Date of Next Committee meeting: Friday 9th April 2010 at Albany Lodge. Please note the April Guild meeting takes place on 10th (second Saturday) April due to Easter falling on the previous weekend.
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